HYMER brand values

Advancing in series

Mobile travel is about more than just going on holidays – it’s about persuasion and passion. Choosing the right motorhome is not just a matter of making a purchase decision, but is a decision of the heart. So it is all the more important that a motorhome is more than just a vehicle for mobile travel. Quality, comfort, equipment, safety and value retention are not the only important factors – brand tradition and enthusiasm for innovations also play a key role.

A motorhome manufacturer rarely achieves excellence in all of these disciplines. This is the standard for motorhomes from the HYMER brand, however, and one which the company continues to exceed time and time again since producing the very first Hymermobil. And not just for the premium class – these standards are part of each individual motorhome from HYMER, and naturally come as standard.

Maximum safety in series

This characterises the Hymermobil. Be it vehicle construction or electronic assistants, HYMER only accepts the highest

Highest comfort in series

HYMER excels not just in equipment. Layout and design of space ensure optimal freedom of movement.

Interior space beauty in series

Perfectly matching colours, materials and surfaces are key factors in the interior.

Value stability and cost-effectiveness in series

At HYMER, these come from a combination of price, performance, service, quality and efficiency.

Innovations in series

Typically HYMER. HYMER has been setting standards for the development of the entire industry for more than 50 years. The motorhomes of the future are already in preparation.

High-tech construction and winter hardiness in series

Double-glazed frame windows, the latest insulation technology and materials – HYMER has been setting milestones for the new year’s model in series.

Best service in series

Accessibility and proximity are our maxims, and not just as a service provider, but also as people with a common passion – HYMER.

Take a look behind the scenes of HYMER’s production.