Community and service

A Hymermobil leaves nothing to be desired. But in terms of service, HYMER still wants to be on the safe side. This means that our customers get precisely the help that they need: In addition to exemplary care and support and a large dealer network, every customer can always rely on the active and well organised HYMER community. Usually, every new customer becomes a genuine “Hymerian” in no time.

Best service – at any time.

This is especially important to HYMER. With the HYMER Card, HYMER guarantees full support to its customers in the event of an emergency: Breakdown and recovery services, medical assistance abroad and exclusive offers are just a few of many advantages.

New features and personal exchange.

For about 150,000 customers, everything you need to know about mobile holidaying can be found on the internet or on the HYMER Facebook page. Of course, this applies to everyone else as well.

Always nearby.

The large dealer network means that quick help and expert advice are never far away.

Supply of parts in good time.

If you need something and time is of the essence, more than 450 trading partners around the world can help to ensure that precisely the right part makes its way to the customer.

Rent a Hymermobil spontaneously.

With rent easy this is possible at any time: simply book a motorhome according to desire at one of the many rent easy stations or