Especially frugal, particularly good value retention

A motorhome is a long term investment. Economy and value retention, in particular, play an important role when making a purchase. Not only do HYMER motorhomes have the advantage of having especially low consumption and running costs but also exemplary value retention.

Optimal price-performance ratio.

With a HYMER motorhome, this is the case in all vehicle categories and model series. After all, a value for money vehicle is a vehicle that is worth every penny.

Standard equipment: Exemplary!

HYMER motorhomes meet every practical requirement and, even with the standard equipment, offer a high level of basic comfort. Cuts in performance to make an attractive price is not a HYMER practice.

First class and reliable service.

This is especially important to HYMER. The international dealer and service network with qualified workshops throughout Europe is unparalleled.

Always at a high level.

How HYMER motorhomes hold their value is legendary. Even after many years, the high quality vehicles are still trusty travelling partners and their appreciation on the market is accordingly high.

Cost advantage in consumption.

Savings in gas and electricity mean lower maintenance costs and more miles. In this way, first class installation, a clever lighting concept and heat insulation render real dividends.

As a HYMER customer, not only can more time be spent with the vehicle but also more can be gained from it. For example, high heating comfort at low heating costs – thanks to best insulation. Or advantages with toll charges and similar: Thanks to the innovative lightweight construction of the Hymermobil vehicles, a saving is made not just with weight but also with high expenditure on longer journeys. Moreover, there is the security of a European service network that assures a comprehensive supply of parts and thereby trouble-free mobility. Use the services of the HYMER Card as well and extra added value can be secured for the journey. In summary, every Hymermobil is a worthy investment – and the return gained from it is beyond anything a speculative venture can offer: unforgettable holiday experiences, anywhere you like.