Maximum safety as standard

Driving safety and driving comfort have reached an extremely high standard in the automotive sector. This benchmark is also set by HYMER for its motorhomes:

The highest standards of safety are defined and implemented during development – from the construction of the vehicle to the intelligent electronic safety systems. Long before it was required, HYMER fulfilled all relevant safety regulations.

Detecting danger in good time.

The high panoramic window at the front, the large side windows of the cab and the standard daytime running lights provide allround visibility on the road.

Clear view in any weather.

Thanks to the three windscreen wipers on the panoramic windscreen and the large coverage of the wipers, the edges of roads and crossroads are clear to see.

Good view to the rear.

With electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, optimal positioning and the integrated wide angle mirror, there is no blind spot.

Crash safety.

Airbags on the driver and front passenger side are standard in all HYMER mobile homes.

Avoid hazards with antilock braking system (ABS):

Now somewhat of a classic among electronic control systems, this system prevents the wheels from locking during emergency braking and, in this way, keeps the vehicle steerable.

Always on track thanks to the electronic stability program (ESP):

In critical situations, skidding or drifting is prevented. The ESP trailer stabilisation also brakes the towing vehicle in the event of weaving.

Safe drive-off with antiskid control (ASR):

If traction is lost at a wheel (wheel slip), this is braked automatically by the electronics. Driving-off and accelerating on loose ground is made much easier in this way.

Controlled braking thanks to electronic brake pressure distribution (EBD) and brake assist system (BAS):

The braking power is distributed optimally to both axles depending on the situation. In emergency braking situations, the brake pressure is increased in a targeted manner.

Simplified hill-start with drive-off assist (AAS):

On gradients, the brake pressure remains intact for a short while after the brake pedal has been released. In this way, undesired roll back is prevented and the vehicle can be driven off with particular ease.

Excellent road holding:

made possible by the special AL-KO frame with independent suspension and wide track. Wheelbase and weight distribution are adapted optimally to each vehicle body respectively.