Setting new standards

Mobile holidaying is a lifestyle that is steadily being developed and changed. This results in a consistent flow of new challenges that spurs HYMER on time and again to delivering innovation. An example from recent times: Thanks to ultra-modern production techniques and internally developed materials, the company can proudly call itself the “inventor of the 3t class”.

The luxury of not having to sacrifice a thing.

This is the standard of the 3 ton class. The new Exsis-i, for example, stays under the important 3500kg maximum weight and still gives an extensive payload. Among integrated models, this makes the HYMER a leader in terms of weight.

Less weight, more comfort.

Whether furniture made with an extremely sturdy honeycomb structure or full foam PUAL wall design – taking to the road is now even easier with the innovative lightweight construction method used in every HYMER.

Everything sits perfectly.

Building high quality furniture has a long tradition at HYMER. 90 percent of all furniture items are made in-house – using state-of-the-art technologies, materials and fittings of the best household quality.

All-round safe mobility.

Never rest on your laurels when it comes to safety. For this reason, long before it was required, HYMER fulfilled all relevant safety regulations.

Best results. Not a problem for a Hymermobil:

Every HYMER is subjected to a variety of endurance tests, such as extreme cold temperatures. We then personally check every vehicle.

Guaranteed water-tight.

The closed-pore polyurethane foam means that exterior parts are absolutely impervious to water. This is underpinned by HYMER‘s six year leak-tightness guarantee. This prevents unwelcome water from ruining a holiday.

As a pioneer of the motorhome industry, HYMER has developed a whole range of revolutionary new features over the years that have made their mark on mobile holidaying with lasting effect. The crankhandle skylights, the wheel housing refrigerator and the drop-down bed are just a few classic examples.

Unparalleled to this day is the innovative body of the Bad Waldsee vehicles with its full foam PUAL walls, heated area under the floor and the unique HYMER bonding technology. It provides comfort in every setting: Seasonal restrictions on holiday enjoyment are a thing of the past.

On the agenda for the future, more so than ever, are ecological aspects. And the need for the highest level of energy efficiency is of particular importance. For many years now, HYMER has favoured state-of-the-art LED lighting for this purpose.  Regardless of the journey that you will embark on in future, with its developments HYMER will continue to lead the way.