Equipped with ERIBA winter technology:

The caravan model ranges ERIBA Nova SL, GL and S

The ERIBA Nova S, SL and GL model ranges: absolutely ready for winter!

However cold the season – with ERIBA winter technology, you can enjoy warm and cosy camping, even in winter.

Thanks to clever climate control solutions, an efficient heating concept and the unique PUAL technology, the ERIBA Nova models are fit for all weather conditions, making them ideal for year-round caravanning. The model ranges achieved top marks in the continuous exposure test in the cold chamber.

Key features of ERIBA winter-proofing technology

  • Perfect insulation values thanks to 30 mm PUAL body technology
  • Warm feet thanks to 50 mm styrofoam insulation in the floor
  • Ideal air conditioning and heat distributions thanks to the ERIBA back-venting system
  • Dry drawer above the heater
  • Large, double-glaze windows
  • Powerful heating concept – optionally available with 4-circuit Alde heating system
  • Warm water floor heating (optional)
  • 100% frost-proof installation
  • Premium cold chamber test results
  • Gas locker insulated through to the living area
  • Optional winter cover for the front flap