Luxury Caravans

Premium quality and luxuriousness made by ERIBA

How to find your luxury and classy caravans? Which ERIBA models may be suitable for you? We are answering common questions and help you making the right choice.

You do not plan to give up on convenience while travelling or spending your precious leisure time? With a luxury caravan made by ERIBA you won't miss a thing. All of our caravan-models provide premium standards – but some of them are outstanding and exeptionally convenient or comfortable. You are aiming for a classy interior and exterior? Have a look at our models ERIBA Nova SL and ERIBA Nova S. In case you require some help on making the right choices we have good advice.

How do you find your luxury Caravan?

Choosing a suitable Caravan is not a simple decision. Our Checklist will help to sort out important features and issues or help to choose the right model. Just answer some of the questions below to yourself - this is how you will find your new caravan:

  • Do you plan to use your Caravan for travelling or do you prefer permanent camping?Often a towed trailer for travelling is compact and leightweight. Depending on your preferences you may opt for a smaller model or layout. If you are planning a caravan for permanent camping you may prefer a large caravan that almost feels like a holiday house. Medium-sized Caravans are perfect for both uses.
  • How many people are you planning to travel or to stay with? Answering this question is really important. The number of beds or berths is limited – depending on the caravan-layout of your choice. Nevertheless: Flexibility comes with an awning tent, that provides additional space.
  • Are you planning to travel all year round or do you want to spend time at a camping-site in springtime and autumn as well? If your answer is “yes” you should have a closer look at isolation, heating systems and a caravans fitness for winter.
  • Are you seeking a caravan with lots of space? Remember that space is not equal to berths. The need for more or less space is an individual choice. A feeling of a spacious home will accompany you in an ERIBA caravan.
  • What sort of material and design do you desire? Materials used make a big difference: A leather upholstery offers at first glance luxurious views and maximum comfort. Smart furnishing and layouts offer exceptional convenience, such as furniture that may be converted as required. For summertime a good and useful ventilation or ventilation system is as important as the heating system in winter.

Our luxurious Caravans

ERIBA Nova SL Luxury Caravan

ERIBA Nova SL - Luxury based on superior Design

The ERIBA Nova SL presents itself with a superior and modern Design and the best standards of comfort. An underfloor heating, a highly resistable substructure and more exquiste details make this caravan the perfect winter companion. A replaceable or removable matress-cover, a large 148-Liter refrigerator, soft close slide drawers in the kitchen and similar features make the ERIBA Nova SL the perfect luxury caravan. It is also flexibile – furniture may be used in many different ways. The ERIBA Nova SL is available in many different Layouts and provides up to four berths.

Experience comfort and functionality:
Discover ERIBA Nova SL now.

ERIBA Nova S Luxury Caravan

Exceptional Flagship: The ERIBA Nova S

You are looking for a caravan with ultimate luxuriousness? Then the ERIBA Nova S is the right choice. Functionality, smart concepts, maximum quality and classy design come together in the ERIBA Nova S. Classy kitchen ambience made of acrylic coverings, wall coverings made of leather alike material, Soft-Touch-Headlining, great noise insulation or the velvet ash furniture design will make your dream of a luxury caravan come true. And like the ERIBA Nova SL it also provides maximum comfort and convenience during colder days as well as in winter. Enjoy your valuable leisure time with this caravan. It is available as a medium-sized or large model, you will also find many layouts and individual options and provides up to five berths.

Enjoy luxury and maximum convenience:
Discover ERIBA Nova S now.