The history of the ERIBA caravan.

A unique success story

Beginning with the legendary Touring models from the early days of the company’s history, which have long since acquired cult status, to the luxurious Nova model ranges of the present day − ERIBA caravans have shaped a whole industry for almost six decades. Novel technologies, consistent innovation and supreme comfort and quality ensure maximum customer satisfaction and set ever new trends. Join us on a fascinating journey back in time through the history of ERIBA caravans.


Alfons Hymer begins produc- tion of agricultural vehicles.


Erich Bachem (“ERIBA”) and Erwin Hymer build the original “Troll”, the first caravan.


Birth of the ERIBA Touring models Puck, Faun and Troll followed by Pan, Familia, Triton and Titan.


Introduction of the ERIBA Nova model range.


Launch of the Eribette, a compact alternative to the ERIBA Touring built of wood.


The innovative PUAL body shell is developed and proves its stability


ERIBA and HYMER merge to and form ERIBA-HYMER GmbH.


The ERIBA Moving model range sets new standards in caravan design with its round body shape.


The redesigned ERIBA Nova is the most modern caravan on the market.


The ERIBA Feeling is developed as a modern lifting-roof caravan.


The ERIBA Exciting supplements the model range for young campers.


The ERIBA Nova Light combines the compact outer dimensions of the ERIBA Feeling with the comfort features of the ERIBA Nova.


Strikingly beautiful and convincingly practical, this is how the new space marvels of the Nova model range present themselves.