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For over 60 years, ERIBA has been setting new standards in the world of caravanning. We have both created and then shaped an entirely new travel culture, which did not previously exist. Over the decades, our company has been synonymous with high-quality caravans with outstanding functionality – and which are continuously evolving. This evolution ensures that our products are always as distinctive and unique as our customers’ journeys and experiences in and with them.


Make your ERIBA Touring as unique as your dream holiday. The new colour editions NUGGET GOLD, TANGO RED and HARBOUR BLUE include an outer panel in different colour variations and attachment parts finished in chrome (Chrome Package), as well as stainless steel bumpers, a stone deflector and alloy rims – for a unique exterior design. A harmonious and modern interior is ensured thanks to the MEMPHIS, TULSA and ORLANDO living room fabrics as well as the TINDARI furniture finish and XL ambient lighting. Let your Touring shine in your favourite colour and watch your travel companions’ eyes light up.


    If you want to discover the big wide world, you need sufficient freedom of movement. The new ERIBA Touring 630 and 642 models not only offer more space and comfort, but also room for five people without sacrificing the Touring’s typical compact charm. The compressor refrigerator, the gas heating with hot water boiler and the optional pop-top roof make the Touring a cosy home, even for a family of five. Enjoy even more room to relax as you explore the world’s most amazing beauty spots.

    Are you also an enthusiast of our ERIBA caravans? Then the ERIBA Fan Package, consisting of the following components, is a true must-have:

    1x ERIBA Windbreaker in the size of your choice
    1x ERIBA Shirt “Caravan since 1957” or ERIBA Shirt "Touring Anthracite" (in the size of your choice)
    1x ERIBA enamel mug "Caravan since 1957"
    1x ERIBA Touring key ring
    1x ERIBA XXL Shopper Bag with a stylish ERIBA print
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Over 60 years ago, we created our very own travel culture with the ERIBA Touring – a new kind of mobility whereby you simply take your home along for the ride. Ours is a dynamic culture shaped by trends and fashions, by moods and currents. Follow us through the decades.


Configure your Touring dream for even more individuality.


Which criteria plays a role when it comes to buying the perfect caravan? These can be items such as size, weight and number of sleeping places. In the following, we will address a wide variety of needs and show you which ERIBA caravan models best meet your needs.

From small and flexible caravans to luxurious companions - your journey of discovery begins here and now!

  • Space for good dreams and good days: sleeping places and number of people

    Whether you buy a compact caravan or an XXL caravan depends on how many people should feel comfortable inside. Our ERIBA caravans come with different floor plans, which are geared to the needs and wishes of different sized travel groups.

    Small caravans for 2-3 people

    A small and light caravan will suit you if you are looking for a model that can have space for fewer people. Our ERIBA Touring turns a couple's vacation or trips with up to three people into a comfortable experience.

    The following models are also suitable for couples and small families

    Would you like a little more flexibility? The ERIBA Feeling is the perfect compact caravan if you want to use it for both couple and family vacations. With this model, more space is created by the lifting the pop-up roof, which in combination with the sleeping roof package creates additional sleeping space for two people.

    Caravans for families or larger groups

    We know: A relaxing holiday is especially successful if your caravan is of a size that makes all passengers happy. Cramped travel conditions can quickly lead to stress and anger. The large ERIBA caravans provide a remedy. The ERIBA Nova Light caravan trailer offers up to five beds.

    If you would like a caravan for a particularly large number of people, such as your extended family, the ERIBA Feeling is our recommendation. You can configure this so that, thanks to the clever bunk beds, between three and seven people can sleep.

  • From S to XL - caravans in different sizes

    The dimensions of a caravan affect different things. For example, the amount of space inside, the number of sleeping places, the space required on site and the driving behaviour. Find out here whether a small or large caravan suits you best.

    Small caravans: compact comfort

    We speak of small ERIBA caravans when the model has a body length of up to five meters and a total length of around six meters. Customers who buy small caravans often want extra manoeuvrability and easy handling. Of course, we also stick to our principle with regard to small caravans: comfort always comes with ERIBA!

    Did you know? When it comes to caravan dimensions, we distinguish between body and overall length. The body length includes the caravan itself. The total length also includes the drawbar, which is usually around one meter in length.

    There are several advantages to having a small caravan. Little ERIBA caravans are;

    • pleasantly manoeuvrable

    • easy to use

    • more affordable than large models.

    You also need a smaller towing vehicle, which can be important if you only have a small car and are not planning to buy a new one.

    As for the interior, a small caravan offers less space than large models. If you are looking for a caravan for a family with several children, a size Small could be a bit too tight. The small caravans are very suitable for 2 people or families of up to four. These variants cut a fine figure for a romantic couple trip or a journey of discovery with two children:

    Narrow caravans: get through everywhere easily

    Not only the length can determine how well your travel companion suits you. When buying a caravan, the width should not be underestimated either. We refer to models with a maximum width of 2.20 meters as narrow caravans. This corresponds roughly to the width of a normal car.

    Caravans that are compact in width are pleasantly manoeuvrable and can also cope well with side streets and when driving through towns. For example, those who prefer to vacation in Italy or small villages may be happier with such a model. With a narrow caravan, you can also navigate through narrow motorway construction sites in a more relaxed manner.

    However, narrow does not mean that you have to compromise on the interior. Because such a caravan still offers space for 3 to 7 people, depending on the model. This includes the model series:

    Large caravans: the second home

    We refer to large caravans as models with a body length of more than 6.5 meters and a total length of over 7.5 meters. Thanks to their generous dimensions, they are suitable as caravans for up to 5 people when traveling. If you buy a caravan and want to use it like a second home, ERIBA caravans of this size are recommended.

    One of the advantages of large models is the higher number of sleeping options. Depending on the model, families and guests will find five or more beds for a good night's sleep in such a caravan. In addition, spacious caravans score points;

    • greater comfort due to more space inside

    • more versatile equipment

    • independent living areas such as bathroom, kitchen, sleeping area and seating area.

    Particularly important: In view of its dimensions, a large caravan weighs a lot and will need a heavy towing vehicle. When traveling, you need sufficiently large parking spaces and should always plan a little more space for manoeuvring however, the comfort gained outweighs this.

    Experience the convenience of our large ERIBA caravans with these models: 

  • Fuel use and driving license: The weight of the caravan

    How much your caravan weighs depends on numerous other aspects. Among other things, this value influences fuel consumption. A smaller towing vehicle is also sufficient for a light car. Especially if you only want to buy the caravan new and do not want to buy another car, the weight can be decisive.


    With PUAL technology and clever furniture construction, we attach great importance to lightweight construction. Small caravans like the ERIBA Touring, ERIBA Feeling 425 and ERIBA Nova Light 425 are the most economical caravans in terms of fuel consumption.

    We can express the weight of a caravan in terms of its own weight, its mass in running order and its permissible total mass.

    • The dead weight does not play a significant role, which is why it is usually not specified.

    • The mass in running order includes the dead weight plus all equipment and fully filled containers such as water tank and gas bottles.

    • The technically permissible total weight is the weight of the caravan plus the maximum permissible load. This value is important and decisive in order not to exceed the maximum permitted trailer load of the towing vehicle.

    An example: Our ERIBA Touring 310 caravan weighs 765 kg in the basic configuration when ready to drive. The technically permissible total weight for this model is 900 kg. This means that you can take up to 135 kg of luggage with you.

    Lightweight caravans: built for freedom when packing

    A light caravan gives you the opportunity to travel the world without an additional driver's license and still enjoy enough space for your additional luggage. Our range of models offers real lightweights, from mini caravans with toilets to compact family companions.

    Light caravans up to 1,000 kg or 1 t from ERIBA:

    The particularly light ERIBA caravan, ERIBA Touring can manages with a weight of no more than one ton. This means that they can be combined with small towing vehicles and, despite their manageable size, offer a lot of comfort.

    Note: Please always check the recommended total weight and payload for your configuration (incl. optional equipment) in the configurator

    Caravans up to 1,200 kg or 1.2 t from ERIBA:

    A weight up to 1.2 tons for the models

    allows you to enjoy a relaxed holiday even with a less powerful towing vehicle and still offer plenty of space for your luggage. Note: Please always check the recommended total weight and payload for your configuration (incl. optional equipment) in the configurator

    Which caravans can you drive with a class B driving license?

    If you acquired your class 3 driving license before 1999, you can use it to drive any legal combination of car and caravan. For all other drivers who have completed a driving test after 1999, however, some limits apply.

    With a class B driving license, you can drive a combination of caravan and towing vehicle up to a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 t. A compact class car is usually 1.5 t to 2 t. In this case, you can tow a caravan with a weight of up to 1.5 t - subject to the permissible trailer load of the car. Good news, because many of our models can be used without the need for an additional driver's license!

    Important: If the total weight of the car and caravan exceeds 3.5 t, as can be the case with the ERIBA Touring 820, for example, you need a B 96 driving license or a BE driving license. The driving license class B 96 enables combinations of 3.5 t to 4.25 t to be driven. If a total weight of 4.25 t is exceeded, it is necessary to obtain the driving license class BE.

  • Special requests: Caravan lifestyle for every type of traveller and in every season

    The ERIBA caravans adapt completely to your needs. Discover equipment features that add a touch of luxury and comfort.

    Camping in winter

    If you are planning to buy a caravan, you may want to be able to use it in autumn, winter or spring. In frosty outside temperatures, the properties of the model then play a decisive role. ERIBA currently offers one winter-proof model: ERIBA Touring 820.

    The ERIBA Touring, ERIBA Feeling and ERIBA Nova Light model series do not meet all of the criteria that are required for classification as a winter-proof caravan, but depending on the model series, they offer certain features such as insulated water pipes and adequate insulation thanks to the PUAL construction of the walls ensure a certain level of protection against frost in colder temperatures. Good to know: DIN standards specify what is considered to be "suitable for winter" (level II) and "winter-proof" level (III). "Winterproof" is the significantly higher standard. This ensures, for example, that the water in tanks and pipe systems does not freeze.

    You can find more information in our separate article on the subject of winter-proof motorhomes.

    Equipment: kitchen, bathroom and more.

    The equipment of our models depends on the selected floor plan. What is special about ERIBA: Even with the smallest models, we put a lot of emphasis on wellbeing. A small caravan with a toilet is what you have in mind? Pay attention to the blue marked bathroom when choosing the right floor plan.

    Would you like a kitchen with enough space for the preparation of culinary delicacies? Here, too, the floor plan uses an orange-coloured marking to indicate where you can cook to your heart's content.


Experience your own personal travel moments with our popular models.
  • ERIBA Touring 820

    Make your big travel dreams and even bigger expectations come true. The ERIBA Touring 820 offers you space for everything you want when travelling.
  • ERIBA Touring

    Big adventures don't always need a lot of space. With its compact external dimensions and low overall weight, the ERIBA Touring is your handy companion.
  • ERIBA Nova Light

    Give your wanderlust a home: the ERIBA Nova Light has a place for everything you don't want to do without when you're out and about. So your holiday starts with packing.
  • ERIBA Feeling

    Spacious interior, pleasant living climate, well-being as standard: In the ERIBA feeling, you collect memories of trips that will stay with you forever.
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