Caravans for individualists.


A unique success story

From the Touring models with their cult status to the luxurious and modern Nova model range – for almost six decades ERIBA caravans have not only shaped an entire industry, but also the lives of thousands of campers who love to travel – and perhaps yours, too! Our novel technologies, consistent innovation and supreme comfort and quality continue to convince our customers and establish new trends. Join us in exploring our company’s origins as we take you on a journey through the history of ERIBA caravans.

Our history as a manufacturer of caravans and trailer caravans began in 1957. The first HYMER caravan produced in Bad Waldsee, Southern Germany, was the original “Troll”.

It was the first trailer caravan in the iconic – and now legendary – ERIBA Touring model range, and is regarded as the cornerstone of our highly successful company history. Today, under the ERIBA brand, HYMER offers everything from compact, lightweight caravans to spacious, luxury motorhomes – including agile trailer caravans with pop-top roofs and elegant, roomy family caravans. Thanks to innovative and proven technologies – our PUAL body shell and CLIMADUR bodywork, our vehicles’ aerodynamic design, the ERIBA Smart Home System in combination with an optimised heating system – ERIBA gives you everything you need to enjoy your caravan in any season. And whether you choose to buy a new or used model, our caravans boast high residual values so your investment is sure to pay off.

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Agricultural vehicles

Alfons Hymer began building agricultural vehicles in 1923. His business would later provide a useful foundation for his son, Erwin Hymer and his friend, Erich Bachem, when they started constructing their first caravans.


The first caravan was created

In 1957 Erich Bachem – from whose name the brand name ERIBA is derived – and Erwin Hymer built their first caravan at HYMER in Bad Waldsee. The original “Troll” was born. It was the first trailer caravan in the successful – and now legendary and iconic – ERIBA Touring model range, laying the foundations for numerous later series.

  • 1960

    New models were added to the product range

    The ERIBA Touring family began to grow! The first models to be launched were the three caravans Puck, Faun and Troll. These were followed by the Pan, Familia, Triton and Titan.
  • 1966

    Introduction of the ERIBA Nova model range

    With its premium equipment, the ERIBA Nova brought a touch of luxury to the camping scene and established itself as one of our most successful model ranges over the years.
  • 1976

    The Eribette turned heads with its wooden construction

    The Eribette was launched as a compact alternative to the ERIBA Touring. It stood out thanks to its wooden construction and eye-catching design.
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The PUAL design was developed

The first generation of PUAL side walls consisted of an aluminium outer skin with a foam core and a high-quality plywood interior wall. The PU foam was bonded to the aluminium and plywood under pressure. The resulting stable and durable side wall contained no thermal bridges and ensured pleasant temperatures inside the caravan – and is still used today in an optimised form.


ERIBA and HYMER merge

Two became one – the two companies ERIBA and HYMER grew together and finally merged.


A new model range was born

The round design of the ERIBA Moving quickly caught the eye. It combined high-quality equipment with maximum comfort. With its dignified ambience, it set new standards in the caravan segment.


The new ERIBA Nova

The updated Nova won over many new customers thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and an almost endless variety of models – with 21 layouts, there was a Nova for every situation. With extended storage space, it offered additional practicality that impressed even the most discerning buyers.

  • 2005

    The ERIBA Feeling with pop-top roof

    This modern caravan optimally combined the technical advantages of a lifting roof with generous living space.
  • 2012

    The ERIBA Exciting lived up to its name

    Compact, practical and tailored to the needs of a young target group, the ERIBA Exciting was a real hit with younger campers.
  • 2013

    The compact ERIBA Nova Light

    The ERIBA Nova Light combined the compact outer dimensions of the ERIBA Feeling with the comfort features of the ERIBA Nova.
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It’s all about the ERIBA Nova

The new space-saving models in the Nova model range arrived on the scene – strikingly attractive and soundly practical. Praise for the all-round concept – in the same year, the ERIBA Nova was honoured with the European Innovation Award for its innovative raum+system.


The ERIBA Nova S with new exterior design

Envious glances guaranteed – besides an impressive new exterior design, the ERIBA Nova S also boasted furnishing concepts borrowed from the world of upmarket hotels.


ERIBA celebrated its 60th anniversary …

… with two attractive “60 Edition” anniversary model ranges. They represented 60 years of experience, 60 years of progress, 60 years on the move and combined the best aspects of our long caravanning history.


More room for big dreams in the ERIBA Touring 820

Extraordinary, unconventional and modern – the new ERIBA Touring 820 arrived on the market and inspired customers from the outset. The perfect choice for those with big plans – and even bigger dreams. A true masterpiece on any road.


The ERIBA Nova leaves nothing to be desired

Innovative bodywork meets individual design – the new ERIBA Nova is available in two specifications and impresses thanks to optimum insulation, maximum comfort, generous storage space and many extras.


ERIBA reinvents itself

Over the last 60 years, ERIBA caravans have constantly evolved in terms of design and technology. It is therefore only natural to embody this progress in a new brand identity.


Everything out of the ordinary: the new ERIBA Touring generation

With its aerodynamic front and unique body shape, the ERIBA Touring has always remained true to itself when it comes to design, and the new generation also follows this tradition. And in spite of this, or perhaps precisely because of this, the new Touring generation meets the current zeitgeist and that of the coming years - with the two new equipment lines "Legend" and "Urban" and details in the interior and exterior that have been thought through down to the last detail.


Now it's getting colourful: with the Touring Colours, colour comes into play!

The cult caravan series Eriba Touring with the characteristic, aerodynamic body shape is now available in three colorful color variants. The new color editions NUGGET GOLD, TANGO RED and HARBOR BLUE combine the popular retro look of the vehicle with modern zeitgeist - true to the Eriba slogan “Everything exceptional”. The bright side walls, front and rear of the caravans ensure a fresh and elegant exterior, which is complemented by stainless steel bumpers, light alloy rims and a chrome package as standard. The living room fabrics MEMPHIS, TULSA and ORLANDO as well as the TINDARI furniture decor and the XL ambient lighting ensure a harmonious and modern interior.