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An overview of all ERIBA models

ERIBA Touring
From 0,9 t to 1,4 t
Up to 4 berths
A small caravan with cult status. From 2 to 5 people, the ERIBA Touring will take you to your destination.
ERIBA Touring 820
Up to 2,8 t
Up to 4 berths
Extraordinary, unconventional and modern: the new ERIBA Touring 820 – A masterpiece on any road.
ERIBA Feeling
From 1,2 t to 1,5 t
Up to 5 berths
Perfect as a touring caravan: a lightweight, manoeuvrable and compact caravan with berths for 3 to 5 people.
From 1,8 t to 2,8 t
Up to 7 berths
Comfort Plus
The new ERIBA Nova: Innovative design meets individual design. Available in two trim levels.
ERIBA Nova Light
From 1,2 t to 1,5 t
Up to 5 berths
A compact, small and lightweight caravan for your trip: functionality and comfort come as standard.


From small, compact models through to high-quality, luxurious Premium models, HYMER has the perfect motorhome for you. Whether it’s a semi-integrated or integrated motorhome on a Fiat or Mercedes chassis, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.
HYMER Motorhomes and Camper Vans

Which Caravan?
Making sure you buy the right Recreational Vehicle!

Things you should keep in mind when choosing your caravan.

You’d like to buy a caravan but you’re not sure which criteria are important? The size or the dimensions, the weight, the level of comfort or even the number of berths and other features, such as its suitability for use in winter, play an important role in this respect. We’ll explain what this means in more detail:

From S to XL – Different sized Caravans.

The dimensions of a caravan have an impact on various things: the amount of space available in the caravan will vary. Although the number of berths in a small caravan is definitely limited, several people can still be accommodated. In terms of length, a distinction is made between the body length and overall length. The body length is made up of the caravan itself. The overall length includes the drawbar, which is usually around one metre in length.

A small and compact caravan with a body length of up to 5.00 metres and overall length of around 6.00 metres (S = small) will be comfortable on your trips: manoeuvrability and easy handling are simply practical. With ERIBA, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort.

Aside from being ideal for trips for 5 or more people, a large caravan (L = large) with a body length of over 6.50 metres (overall length of more than around 7.50 metres) is an especially good choice for year-round use with a permanent pitch site. In this way, the caravan becomes a second home.

You’ll find our small caravans here:

ERIBA Touring
ERIBA Feeling 425
ERIBA Nova Light 425
ERIBA Nova Light 465

Are you looking for a large caravan? Then you’ll find what you’re looking for in the following models:

ERIBA Touring 820

A luxury Caravan or practical Vehicle?

Comfort comes as standard – for all ERIBA caravans. A high-quality interior, overhead lockers and coordinated colour schemes can be found in all our models. Our Comfort and Comfort Plus classes offer a high standard. The Superior and Deluxe classes satisfy the very highest demands in terms of design and furnishings.

Get an overview: Luxury Caravans.

Berths and Number of People

The number of berths varies according to the caravan. Additional space is created in the ERIBA Feeling by the lifting roof or pop-top roof, for example, which creates two additional berths and provides space for the whole family as a result. This makes the ERIBA Feeling the perfect touring caravan for families or a flexible number of people.

The ERIBA Touring easily accommodates two to three people – young couples or families, for example. In the ERIBA Triton 418 and in the ERIBA Troll 550, there’s even enough room for up to four people in the smallest of spaces. The ERIBA Nova has room for the most people: it has 6, 7 or even 8 berths thanks to the clever bunk beds.

The Importance of the Caravans Weight

The weight of a caravan has a significant impact on fuel consumption. More fuel will obviously be required to pull a large caravan with a heavy weight than is required to pull a small and comparatively lightweight caravan. Small caravans like the ERIBA Touring and ERIBA Feeling 425, as well as the ERIBA Nova Light 425, are the most economical caravans. With PUAL technology and also in terms of furniture design, we attach great importance to a lightweight construction that saves weight.

If you have a category 3 driving licence (prior to 1999), you’re entitled to drive any combination of passenger car and caravan. Anyone who passed their driving test after 1999 will have to comply with a few restrictions.

With a category B driving licence, you’re entitled to drive the following vehicles:

Motor vehicles up to 3.5 t and with max. 9 seats (including the driver)
Trailers up to 0.75 t
Trailers over 0.75 t if the total of the maximum permitted laden mass of the towing vehicle and the trailer does not exceed 3.5 t

But what exactly does that mean? A compact class passenger vehicle usually weighs 1.5 to 2 t. That means you’re entitled to hook up a caravan weighing up to 1.5 t and can drive this with a category B driving licence. Holders of a driving licence for cars can therefore consider many of our models without having to spend extra money or time obtaining a new driving licence.

If the laden mass (passenger vehicle plus caravan) exceeds 3.5 t, a category B 96 or BE driving licence will be required. The category B 96 driving licence allows you to drive combinations of 3.5 t to 4.25 t. If a laden mass of 4.25 t is exceeded, you’ll need to obtain a category BE driving licence.

A crucial Difference: Winterproof or Winterised

Generally, anyone who’s planning to buy a caravan will want to use it in the autumn, winter or spring as well. When the outdoor temperatures aren’t at their best, the caravan’s properties start to play a major role. Very clear DIN standards specify what is classified as “winterproof” and “winterised”, whereby “winterised” is the significantly higher standard, which ensures that the water in the tanks and piping systems will not freeze, for example. Learn more