Go to extra lengths to relax.


Whether you’re looking for an adventure by a remote river, thrills on the ski slopes or the nearest beach to relax, the ERIBA Touring 820 is the right choice for anyone with grand plans. It impresses thanks to an extraordinary design and modern appearance whose roots can be found in the design philosophy of 1957. Do without nothing – enjoy the freedom to take everything with you wherever you go. The proven steel cage construction with smooth metal in Crystal Silver has been extended to incorporate two large panoramic windows. This makes every view a highlight – on every holiday and day trip.

Thanks to the fantastic 180° panoramic view, we even stayed in bed for a day or two and still enjoyed the view.
Aurel Alexander Dörner
Publisher of “Heilix Blechle” – Das Mobile Journal |


If you find yourself walking on air when you arrive at your holiday destination, there is a good reason for this. The ERIBA Touring 820 combines total freedom with a reassuring feeling of safety and comfort. You will discover this as soon as you hit the road, thanks to caravan’s unique design with improved aerodynamics. This ensures low drag and impressive roadholding characteristics. On every road.


Price from*
2 - 4
Sleeping berths
848 cm
Length from
2.500 kg
Technically permissible total mass from
236 cm
Width from
279 cm


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The interior is modern and reminiscent of yacht design on account of the rounded shape of the furniture.


Your highlights at a glance
    Switch on the heater while you’re still out on the slopes, or the air conditioning as you enjoy a sundowner on the beach. Easily connect to your vehicle via Bluetooth or remotely using the ERIBA Smart Home app. You can also conveniently call up information on the fluid levels, battery status and temperatures.

    Perfect use of space – you will find easily accessible storage space under the generous V-shaped beds. For example, we have even given careful thought to the location of your coffee machine – a special pull-out tray and capsule holder are neatly stowed, yet always close to hand.

    Plan your trips regardless of the weather. Camping is in season all year round in the Touring 820 – thanks to the hot-water heater and hot-water floor heating you can also travel comfortably in winter.

    You can set up the 820 in next to no time – the hydraulic supporting jack with automatic self-levelling quickly makes sure your caravan is on the level and has a firm footing. So convenient, so easy.

    Perfectly designed inside and out – the generous front and rear windows provide a fantastic 180° panoramic view and a feeling of total freedom. They have even impressed various juries – the ERIBA Touring 820 has been awarded international design prizes such as the Red Dot Award. Still not convinced? Then see for yourself!


    Choose your mood – the lighting concept with dimmable light zones and variable accent lighting helps to create a cosy ambience.

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    Porthole kitchen window
    A visual highlight with a great view – directly above the kitchenette, you can enjoy the view from the practical and aesthetically pleasing kitchen window in a new, circular design. In addition, the kitchen really shines thanks to its extremely practical floor plan. With an abundance of useful storage compartments, high-quality drawers and plenty of space, it invites you to let your culinary imagination run wild.
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    Dimmable lights, variable accent lighting – enjoy an innovative lighting concept in your ERIBA Touring 820. The flexible spotlights in the front and rear not only create the right lighting mood, but also offer practical functionality thanks to integrated USB charging ports. This ensures that your mobile devices have enough power at all times.
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    The sleeping area with panoramic window
    Start every day after a restful night’s sleep. This is ensured thanks to the especially large sleeping area with more than enough space for two. The wide, tinted panoramic windows blur the lines between indoors and outdoors and create a profound sense of freedom. Enjoy the view!
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    The comfort bathroom with separate shower room
    Privacy as standard – to ensure you can enjoy optimum comfort in private, the caravan includes a spacious bathroom with separate shower room.


Settle in and spread out.
Sleeping area
Living area
  • Touring 820

    2 - 4
    Sleeping berths
    848 cm
    2.500 kg
    Technically permissible total mass
    236 cm
    279 cm
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    * All prices are recommended retail prices in GBP including legal applicable VAT, On The Road Charges (OTR including delivery from Germany, registration and PDI). Possible import duties are not included and will be charged separately.


Aerodynamic shape, rounded edges


The ERIBA Touring 820 is also based on our proven AERO design with its typical aerodynamic shape and rounded edges. The body shape – unique in caravan construction – boasts a timeless elegance and comes with numerous benefits: lower air resistance for better fuel economy, much improved driving safety and optimal roadholding characteristics. For a relaxed journey to every destination.
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Illuminated central rail
Accentuates the unique design language

ERIBA Highlights

    • Loaded with information

      The integrated load indicator in the premium drawbar jockey wheel lets you keep an eye on the caravan’s maximum drawbar load at all times – to ensure that the weight distribution in your caravan complies with the regulations.
    • 5-star alloy rims in anthracite colour

      Thanks to their sporty, modern look, the anthracite-coloured ERIBA 5-star twin-spoke alloy rims further enhance the caravan’s chic overall appearance.
    • Signature night-time exterior lighting

      A special highlight of the futuristic exterior design is the all-round, signature night-time illumination, which always puts this extraordinary caravan in the right light and gives it a unique look.
    • For a refreshing sleep

      All the fixed beds are equipped with high-quality multi-zone cold foam mattresses that provide ideal support for all areas of the body. The mattresses come with quality drill covers that can be removed and washed.
    • Comfort bathroom with separate shower

      Amongst other things, the bathroom is notable for its separate shower with a wooden panel grating insert. This can be partitioned off by means of a folding shower door to protect the rest of the bathroom from water spray.
    • Safely stowed yet easily accessible

      Thanks to the handy coffee machine pull-out tray, you can enjoy your coffee wherever you want and ensure that everything is perfectly stowed away while on the road.
    • Clearly organised and always close to hand

      A practical capsule dispenser for storing up to 14 coffee capsules is integrated in the kitchen wall cabinet.
    • Tinted panoramic windows

      The viewing windows and front and rear panoramic windows extend around the caravan in a continuous line. Their dark tint underlines the extravagant exterior design. The windows can be partially opened and are equipped with comfort pleated blinds and mosquito screens.
    • Lasting protection from below

      The nearly indestructible GRP underbody makes the vehicles virtually immune to damage caused by inclement weather. Stone damage, grit and dirt are likewise kept at bay – a solid foundation for the service life of your entire vehicle.
    • A step up in convenience

      The entrance step can be extended and retracted electrically at the touch of a button – for a comfortable entry and exit.
    • Exterior in Crystal Silver

      The continuous, Crystal Silver smooth metal outer panelling ensures that the ERIBA Touring clearly stands out from the pack.
    • Roof AirCon for optimal ventilation

      The powerful Dometic Freshjet 2200 roof A/C in the living area ensures an optimum indoor climate at all times and can be operated by remote control. In addition, the integrated LED lighting guarantees energy-saving illumination in the dark.
    • Natural light and effective lighting

      The large HYMER panoramic skylight in the sleeping area lets in plenty of daylight to create a pleasant, natural ambience in the interior. When it gets dark, uniform lighting is provided by the integrated LED spotlights.
    • Natural light and effective lighting

      The large HYMER panoramic skylight in the living area lets in plenty of direct daylight to create a pleasant, natural ambience in the interior. When it gets dark, uniform lighting is provided by the integrated LED spotlights.
    • Automatic compensation for differences in height

      At the push of a button, the hydraulic stabilizer jacks bring the vehicle into a horizontal position. This ensures that your vehicle has a clean and firm footing, even on uneven surfaces.
    • Larder unit for kitchen utensils

      A half-height larder unit in the kitchen provides a safe storage option for bottles and taller items.
    • Smart technology in a caravan

      The ERIBA Smart Home System can be easily and conveniently controlled centrally via the modern TFT display. Information about the battery, fresh water or temperature can also be viewed here.
    • Central operation – with smart control

      The ERIBA Smart Home System controls all important functions, such as heating, air conditioning and hot water. The app gives you additional control of all functions via Bluetooth or remote control and lets you view important information about your caravan.
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    • No skid risk

      With the anti-skid system, the caravan will automatically right itself by gently applying the brakes in a controlled manner if any swinging motion is detected.
    • The bike comes along

      To ensure that you are always flexible at your destination, the sturdy Thule Caravan Superb drawbar bike carrier carries two bikes or e-bikes up to a total weight of 60 kg. The carrier can simply be folded away for access to the front storage space.
    • Making manoeuvring a breeze

      The practical Truma Mover XT4 for the tandem-axle allows it to be swivelled on and off electrically without any effort. It can be controlled easily and precisely by remote control.
    • Under power

      The inverter converts the 12 V battery voltage into 230 V alternating current so that you can operate your 230 V appliances (coffee machine, toaster, hairdryer, etc.) while on the road without a shore power connection.
    • More power on the road

      The controlled solar installation supplies 2 x 95 W and thus makes you even more independent on the move – for greater freedom and self-sufficiency.
    • Innovative energy system

      The Smart-Battery-System enables you to drastically increase your vehicle’s period of self-sufficiency. This results in the vehicle being able to stand without a power connection for almost 10 days. Ideal for customers who love their independence!
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    • ERIBA All-in Multimedia package Single

      • Digital Sound-Processor-Box
      • Twin-USB socket located at entrance sideboard
      • Radio DAB+ (FM and Digital Radio, Bluetooth®, Easy Pairing as well as 2 USB-Ports)
      • 32'' LED TV (living room) designed for mobile travel, incl. DVD player, Triple-Tuner and DVBT 2 reception
      • TV bracket (living room)
      • Digital satellite antenna Ten Haaft Oyster 60 Vision Single, fully automatic alignment, space-saving (height when folded: 22 cm)
    • ERIBA All-in Multimedia package Twin

      • Digital Sound-Processor-Box
      • Twin-USB socket located at entrance sideboard
      • Radio DAB+ (FM and Digital Radio, Bluetooth®, Easy Pairing as well as 2 USB-Ports)
      • 32'' LED TV (living room) designed for mobile travel, incl. DVD player, Triple-Tuner and DVBT 2 reception
      • TV bracket (living room)
      • 22'' LED TV (bedroom) designed for mobile travel, incl. DVD player, Triple-Tuner and DVBT 2 reception
      • TV bracket (bedroom)
      • Digital satellite dish Ten Haaft Oyster 60 Vision Twin, fully automatic alignment, space-saving (height when folded: 22 cm)
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    • HYMER - Sample furniture wood decor in Velvet-Ash

      Furniture finish: Velvet Ash

    • HYMER - Pattern leather upholstery in Grigio

      Leather: Grigio

    • HYMER - Tortora leather upholstery pattern

      Leather: Tortora

    • Carpet: Samona

    • Carpet: Laguna

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