ERIBA makes everyone a travel enthusiast.

There are many important criteria to consider when buying a caravan. After all, it’s an investment you expect to benefit from for years or even decades to come, enhancing your leisure time and holidays and bringing you freedom and independence. So who better to turn to for information than a renowned premium supplier with a wide selection of vehicle types?

All our products are developed on the principle that ERIBA customers deserve a high-quality vehicle with superior comfort, and one which represents a worthwhile economic investment. So when it comes to choosing a caravan, you need look no further than the premium manufacturer ERIBA! Besides supplying high- quality vehicles, HYMER also promotes motorhoming on many other levels, ensuring that caravanning enthusiasts are ideally equipped for their travels.

Since more than six decades, ERIBA Caravans emboss the caravaning sector – from the legendary classic caravan ERIBA Touring to the exclusive ERIBA Nova S.

A prime example of efficiency
The Touring caravan from ERIBA

The unique and timelessly elegant design of the ERIBA Touring is no accident. The exceptional concept featuring a steel frame located beneath an aerodynamically designed aluminium skin has its origins in the aviation industry and was perfected by an aeronautical engineer over 60 years ago.

The Touring’s aerodynamic front section has numerous benefits for you on your travels, including lower air resistance and fuel consumption, as well as greater driving safety and perfect roadholding characteristics. Discover a premium quality, fuel-efficient and compact travel pro that’s more than earned its cult status.

ERIBA Wohnmobil USPs 1 2 3 4 5 6

Note: some of the equipment shown is optional and depends on the model range/layout.

Pop-top roof

Pop-top roof with 26 mm sandwich insulation and 1.95 m headroom.

Low overall height (226 cm)

Low overall height (226 cm) with perfect roadholding characteristics and a high degree of driving stability.

Streamlined tubular

Streamlined tubular steel construction for minimal air resistance and reduced fuel consumption.

Brake adjustment

Automatic brake adjustment for considerably shorter braking distances.

Aluminium outer skin

Outer skin made from smooth aluminium with reinforced pop-top roof made from hail-proof GRP.

Anti-sway coupling

Anti-sway coupling with automatic overrun device and automatic reversing mechanism.

The PUAL design from ERIBA
Celebrating 40 years of exceptional design

The foundations for the unique outer shells made by ERIBA were laid back in 1978 when closed-cell polyurethane foam was extruded between an aluminium outer shell and an interior, high-grade plywood panel for the very first time.

The highly efficient PUAL design has its origins in the aviation industry and is made possible by a special twocomponent adhesive. In conjunction with special materials and composites, it withstands extreme loads, increases the service life of the structure and minimises road noise. The so-called “adhesive edge”, which connects together all of the main parts of the vehicle, is a crucial component. It acts like a shock absorber and counteracts all the centrifugal and torsional forces that occur while driving.

ERIBA Nova USPs 1 2 3 4 5


Excellent insulation values even and fast heat distribution ensures perfect winter performance.

Two-component adhesive

Unique two-component adhesive: Water-repellent, rot-proof and lightweight.


Polyurethane foam and aluminium (PUAL): State-of-the-art design with no thermal loss, which is extremely durable, yet lightweight.

Interior cladding

Interior cladding with high-grade plywood panel.


Gapless elastic bonding of the roof and walls for outstanding stability and torsion resistance.

Note: some of the equipment shown is optional and depends on the model range/layout.

ERIBA-HY-Tec – The future is now
Discover the unique ERIBA technology


The innovative ERIBA raum+system gives you even more comfort and space within the same dimensions. Completely clear stowage spaces, large overhead lockers and the cellar space below the beds and seating ensure a huge amount of extra storage as standard. The raum+system also accommodates 2-metre-long beds, a U-shaped comfort seating area and a roomy bathroom.

LED lighting

LED lighting

Energy-saving LED lights are installed throughout the vehicle for low power consumption. The LED ambient lighting is also available as an overhead locker trim. The benefit of this is that the overhead lockers are illuminated from within.



All kitchen drawers are roller-mounted for an ultra-smooth action.They feature high-quality servo soft-touch closing mechanisms and one-hand push-locks which prevent the drawers from opening and rattling while the vehicle is in motion.

Air circulation

Air circulation

All overhead lockers have a void at the back as standard, through which warm air can circulate freely. This ensures that major temperature variations and unwanted condensation in the interior can be avoided.

ERIBA SMART-Multimedia package


The optional ERIBA SMART-Multimedia package includes a 22" LED TV in the living area and a 19" LED TV in the sleeping area as well as a DSP box, which makes it possible to watch television in the living area at the same time as listening to the radio in the sleeping area, for example.

ERIBA comfort sleeping system

ERIBA comfort sleeping system

Multi-zone cold foam mattresses offer many advantages when it comes to ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. The ERIBA comfort sleeping system includes a high-quality sprung mattress to ensure precise counterpressure for every part of your body, helping to ensure a pleasant and restful sleep.



The warm and cosy hot-water central heating system of the ERIBA Nova guarantees an unrivalled level of comfort without any draughts. Thanks to the convector heaters integrated in the furniture, air can circulate freely and imperceptibly, ensuring a uniform temperature distribution.Combined with the hot-water floor heating, you couldn’t be more snug.

  • 4-circuit hot-water heating system with separate heater circuits for different temperatures (e.g. in the bedroom and living area)
  • Floor heating also underneath the shower tray
  • Top marks in the cold chamber test
  • Installation out of sight underneath the wardrobe
  • Integrated hot water boiler (also makes efficient use of the heating energy)

The innovative raum+system gives you even more comfort and space within the same dimensions. In the new ERIBA Nova you can enjoy extra freedom of movement and comfort thanks to a centrally installed technical equipment unit and track system – and it all comes as standard!

Storage plus

  • Completely clear storage spaces
  • Perfect accessibility
  • Damage-proof service installations:
    + Boiler in wardrobe
    + Underfloor fresh water tank
    + Instead of occupying the storage spaces, all plumbing/wiring is safely integrated in the installation duct
  • Generous 400 x 1,000 mm exterior flap under beds
  • Through-loading compartment/ski flap

Comfort plus

  • 2-metre beds
  • U-shaped comfort seating area
  • Kitchen with 146 l Smart-Tower refrigerator
  • Extra spacious bathroom
  • 1.98 m headroom

ERIBA winter technology
Top marks in the cold chamber test.
  • Top insulation values thanks to 30 mm PUAL body shell design1
  • No more cold feet thanks to 50 mm polystyrene foam floor insulation1
  • Ideal interior climate and heat distribution thanks to ERIBA rear ventilation system
  • Drying drawer above heater1
  • Große, doppelverglaste Fenster
  • Large, double-glazed windowsHighly efficient heating concept – optionally available with 4-circuit Alde heating system2
  • Hot-water floor heating2
  • 100% frost-proof installation
  • First-class cold chamber test results

1) Only for ERIBA Nova
2) Optional extra