ERIBA makes everyone a travel enthusiast.

There are many important criteria to consider when buying a caravan. After all, it’s an investment you expect to benefit from for years or even decades to come, enhancing your leisure time and holidays and bringing you freedom and independence. So who better to turn to for information than a renowned premium supplier with a wide selection of vehicle types?

All our products are developed on the principle that ERIBA customers deserve a high-quality vehicle with superior comfort, and one which represents a worthwhile economic investment. So when it comes to choosing a caravan, you need look no further than the premium manufacturer ERIBA! Besides supplying high- quality vehicles, HYMER also promotes motorhoming on many other levels, ensuring that caravanning enthusiasts are ideally equipped for their travels.

Where luxury comes as standard
Why pay for extras? ERIBA has it all.

We strive to set ever new standards in the production of our ERIBA caravans. Prime examples of this are the patented PUAL design and innovative raum+system. ERIBA caravans come with an extensive range of safety equipment as standard. Superior fittings, a stylish interior design and an ideal interior climate are a hallmark of all our models. That way our customers can rest assured that they are buying a vehicle with high value retention. What’s more, they can access a comprehensive range of services at all times.

Every convenience

All-round comfort: the high- quality fittings and elegant design impress at first glance.


Pioneering lightness: from lightweight construction to the unique new raum+system, ERIBA is constantly setting standards.

High-tech body

Unrivalled technology: the PUAL design ensures a perfect interior climate even at extreme temperatures.


The raum+system in the ERIBA Nova guarantees completely clear, unobstructed storage, and offers even more space and convenience thanks to the central service installation concept and system rails.

Safe braking

The AAA Premium Brake from AL-KO is now fitted in all ERIBA caravans as standard. This automatic brake adjustment facility shortens the braking distance substantially.

Maximum safety

Whatever your destination, driving safety and comfort are paramount with ERIBA.

Value retention

An investment that pays for itself: our vehicles still fetch high resale prices even after many years

Top service

Also good to know: we’ll still be there for you post-sale, thanks to our dedicated European-wide service and extensive dealer network.

A home for all seasons
Optimal insulation, smart heating concept.

The 30 mm thick PUAL-style walls and large double-glazed framed windows ensure perfect insulation values. And you’ll never have cold feet again thanks to the 50 mm thick styrofoam floor insulation, especially when combined with the optionally available hot-water floor heating system. ERIBA caravans are notable for their high-performance heating concept, which can even include an innovative 4-circuit Alde hot-water heating system at the customer’s request.

Thanks to the ERIBA rear ventilation system, the warmth is evenly distributed throughout the interior to create an ideal climate inside the vehicle. Every new ERIBA product has to pass a rigorous cold chamber test – and invariably does so with flying colours.

Perfect insulation thanks to patented design

The PUAL construction technique ensures outstanding wall and roof insulation values. This guarantees pleasant temperatures throughout the year and keeps gas consumption low in winter. The thermal insulation is equivalent to a 68 cm-thick solid brick wall. The walls and roof are elastic and bonded together tightly, making them resistant to extreme stresses.

Efficient air circulation

All overhead storage cupboards have a void at the back through which warm air can circulate freely. This prevents major temperature variations in the interior and protects against condensation.

Intelligent heating

The Alde hot-water central heating system and the hot-water floor heating system keep things nice and cosy in the ERIBA Nova. Convector heaters integrated in the furniture ensure efficient air circulation.

First-class test results

All our newly developed models are tested in the cold chamber for their winter-resistance. The new Nova came through the cold stress test with the best results ever recorded in the caravan sector.

Drying drawer

A drying drawer is provided under the wardrobe. Warmth from the heating system enters the drawer through ventilation holes and dries damp clothing just like a tumble drier – warm socks guaranteed!


Fresh and waste water tanks are installed in an insulated and temperature-controlled GRP tray under the floor to prevent any risk of freezing. All hot-air ducts, fresh water pipes and electrics are housed inside the caravan to en- sure frost protection.

Sealing in the heat

To keep that cosy warmth inside the vehicle, all windows are fitted with cold-bridge-free PU frames and have a steplessly adjustable, double-pleated Duette® honeycomb blind for added thermal insulation.