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Our History as a manufacturer of caravans started in 1957. The “Ur-Troll” was our first caravan model - produced in Bad Waldsee, Germany. The ERIBA Touring models soon proved to be a cult caravan. They became the most basic component for a huge success story: ERIBA, HYMER and HYMERCAR recreational vehicles. Our Caravans are winterproof, follow highest standards of security, provide classy interior and more. As a manufacturer we never stand still. Innovation and consistent technological development are among our strengths. Find a large or a small caravan, a luxury or a premium caravan for aweseome camping experiences throughout the complete year.

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caravans and enjoy your very precious leisure time to the fullest.

ERIBA Caravans

Our caravan product range offers a large variety of models: Small and flexible caravans, large and luxury layouts for permanent camping, medium-sized lightweight caravans und more. Discover ERIBA Caravans.

HYMER Motorhomes

As a manufacturer of recreational vehicles we do not only offer caravans. There is much more about us. We offer various product ranges such as motorhomes in many variations and sizes as well. Discover HYMER Motorhomes.

HYMERCAR Campervans

You have not already made your choice for a recreational vehicle? Maybe a camping bus or campervan is right for you. Our brand HYMERCAR produces various models. Discover HYMERCAR Campervans.

HYMER Dealer

Our dealers are offering new caravans and second hand or used caravans as well as technical services or accessories and consultation. Find one of our valued and trusted dealers in the UK: Dealer Search. You can also download our brochures directly from the webpage: Download or order brochure(s).

Caravan Configuration

If you have already decided on a specific model series: Assemble your individual caravan with the ERIBA caravan configurator. If you want to get started, you may want to have a look at our model overview, that also provides most significant information about main features of our caravans: Caravans.