ERIBA Touring 820 - Layout and technical data


ERIBA Touring 820 | Layout and technical data

Technical dataERIBA Touring 820 820
Price €75990
Overall length, approx. cm848
Body length (exterior), approx. cm708
Overall width, approx. cm236
Interior width, approx. cm229
Overall height, approx. cm279
Roof typeFix roof
Headroom in living area, approx. cm203
Mass in running order, approx. kg2110
Maximum load, approx. kg390 / 660 (Sonderausstattung)
Unladen weight, approx. kg2040
Technically permissible total mass, kg2500 / 2800 (Sonderausstattung)
Maximum nose weight, approx. kg100
Insulation floor / side walls / roof, mm51 / 30 / 30
Clearance of storage compartment / garage doors or flap, W x H, cmRear 110 x 40
Bed dimension: Front bed, L x W, approx. cm205 x 192 - 137 (Sonderausstattung)
Bed dimension: Rear bed, L x W, approx. cm210 - 198 x 197
Berths2 - 4 (Sonderausstattung)3)
Kitchen, W x D x H, approx. cm124 x 76 x 95
Refrigerator volume incl. freezer, approx. l152 (17,5)
Heating typeWarm water heating, 6 kW
Gas supply, kg11 / 11
Fresh water supply, approx. l50
Warm water tank, approx. lElectric boiler 8 l
Sockets: 230 V6
Sockets: USB6 - 8 (Sonderausstattung)
1) The mass in running order refers to the standard delivery plus water and gas in an aluminum bottle 100 % according to EN 1645-2.
2) The payload possibilities can be reduced by ordering optional extras. The weight values can be found in the price list or can be requested from your ERIBA dealer.
3) Sleeping berths depending on layout variant. Sometimes the order of an additional cushion for bed conversion is required.