Brings music to the streets.


Want to soak up the Miami Beach lifestyle, drive endless miles on Route 66 or stroll down Sunset Boulevard? No matter where you go with the ERIBA Touring 530 Rockabilly – every trip with this caravan becomes a journey into the past. A retro chic design brimming with intelligent and technically sophisticated details evokes the 1950’s American lifestyle and leaves nothing to be desired. With its unusual red and white paint finish, the Rockabilly brings the typical vehicle design and colours of a glorious era to life.

It was love at first sight. A mixture of cosy holiday home and camper van in a modern retro design.
Kerstin Bosch & Klaudia Wagenbreth
HR Officer and Project Buyer | Instagram @troll_lala_on_tour


The ERIBA Touring 530 Rockabilly will make your holiday swing to the beat of the 50s thanks to its retro-chic design and intelligent, sophisticated details. The kitchen, with its vibrant American-diner colour scheme, is equipped with all the modern conveniences. You can almost smell the sweet aroma of pancakes and vanilla milkshakes! Enjoy the rockabilly lifestyle on cushions in the style of yesteryear, but with all the comfort we expect today. The colour scheme continues in the sleeping area and bathroom – and ensures that every holiday is unforgettable.


Price from*
Sleeping berths
579 cm
Length from
1.300 kg
Technically permissible total mass from
210 cm
Width from
226 cm
* All prices are recommended retail prices in EUR, based on the German retail prices. Prices in other countries may differ due to currency, country specific VAT, country specification, On The Road Charges or import duties. Please contact your local dealer for the applicable prices, taxes and duties for your country.


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A combination of chic and classy – for a highly authentic retro vibe!


    Compact dimensions and a low total weight – the ERIBA Touring 530 Rockabilly is ideal for smaller towing vehicles and therefore only requires a category B driving licence (passenger cars).


    The aerodynamic front ensures low air resistance. This reduces fuel consumption and is easy on your holiday budget.

    Enjoy fresh air and a pleasant indoor climate – thanks to the pop-top roof with canvas windows. 

    Retro chic through and through – the design of the ERIBA Touring 530 Rockabilly is unmistakable. The red and white interior design in the American-diner look immediately catches the eye.


    The unique design principle – a robust tubular steel cage with aluminium sheathing – and the compact vehicle dimensions enable safe driving with perfect roadholding characteristics.

    Space for everything you need – despite its compact dimensions, the Touring offers storage space for all your belongings thanks to the all-round overhead lockers and numerous intelligent space solutions.

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    Who wants pancakes and milkshakes? The intelligent kitchenette with 70-litre refrigerator, 2-burner hob and red trim offers generous space for your culinary adventures and exudes an authentic retro charm. The folding kitchen worktop extension creates an additional work surface and even more space. Get creative – with no limits.

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    The spacious en-suite bathroom of the ERIBA Touring 530 Rockabilly includes a washbasin with plenty of storage space, a comfortable bench toilet and enough room to relax. The opening bathroom window provides natural daylight and plenty of fresh air.

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    Immerse yourself in the charm of the 1950s! The cosy seating area with high backrests and elegant retro upholstery is sure to become your new favourite hangout. The table with red trim and a glossy white surface adds the finishing touch for an exquisite American diner styling.


Time travel has never been so compact – or enjoyable.
Sleeping area
Living area
  • Special model

    Touring 530 Rockabilly

    Sleeping berths
    579 cm
    1.300 kg
    Technically permissible total mass
    210 cm
    226 cm
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    * All prices are recommended retail prices in EUR, based on the German retail prices. Prices in other countries may differ due to currency, country specific VAT, country specification, On The Road Charges or import duties. Please contact your local dealer for the applicable prices, taxes and duties for your country.


ERIBA Touring Rockabilly wins first place in the caravan category.

In the 2021 motorhome poll of the AutoZeitung CAMPING LIFE, the "Caravan" category was introduced for the first time. The readers and users of the trade magazine voted the colourful ERIBA Touring Rockabilly straight into first place. The iconic caravan, which exudes the attitude towards life of the American 50s, not only scores with intelligent and technically sophisticated details in retro-chic, but also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of comfort.
Aerodynamic shape, rounded edges


ERIBA caravans are a model of efficiency due to the aerodynamically shaped front with its rounded edges. Their unique body shapes also imbue them with a timeless elegance. Which means you benefit from the reduced air resistance several times over, thanks to low fuel consumption, significantly increased driving safety and optimum roadholding characteristics. Every journey you take with your expert companion will be a paradigm of safety, economy and elegance.
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Low overall height (226 cm)
With perfect roadholding characteristics and a high degree of driving stability

ERIBA Highlights

    • Rockfall protection plate

      A sturdy and robust stone deflector protects the caravan against chipping caused by stone impacts and other debris while driving.
    • Mirror up, mirror down

      The height-adjustable mirror in the ERIBA Touring’s bathroom moves up and down with the pop-top roof.
    • The perfect light for cosy comfort

      Indirect ambient lighting in LED technology makes the interior shine and ensures a pleasant feel-good atmosphere, especially in the evening.
    • Dual-function sink cover

      The sink cover makes the sink disappear and thus creates an additional work surface in the kitchen. The back can be used as a handy chopping board.
    • For a refreshing sleep

      All the fixed beds are equipped with high-quality multi-zone cold foam mattresses that provide ideal support for all areas of the body. The mattresses come with quality drill covers that can be removed and washed.
    • Step aboard!

      The pull-out entrance step is child’s play to use and makes it easier for any age group to enter or exit the caravan.
    • Extra protection from above

      The GRP pop-top roof makes your caravan more robust and resistant to the elements by reducing the risk of damage from hail or falling branches.
    • Pleasant indoor climate with plenty of fresh air

      Thanks to the canvas material in the pop-top roof, the temperature is always extremely pleasant in the caravan. Additional side cut-outs promote air circulation and allow light into the interior – the integrated mosquito nets keep out unwanted guests.
    • Clever entrance door

      With its storage compartment and handy storage net, the entrance door doubles as a practical piece of furniture in which a range of travel equipment can be stored.
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    • Loaded with information

      The integrated load indicator in the premium drawbar jockey wheel lets you keep an eye on the caravan’s maximum drawbar load at all times – to ensure that the weight distribution in your caravan complies with the regulations.
    • 5-star white alloy rims

      Thanks to their sporty, modern look, the white ERIBA 5-star twin-spoke alloy rims further enhance the caravan’s chic overall appearance.
    • No sway risk

      With the anti-sway system, the caravan will automatically right itself by gently applying the brakes in a controlled manner if any swinging motion is detected.
    • Making manoeuvring a breeze

      The practical Truma Mover XT for the mono-axle allows it to be swivelled on and off electrically without any effort. It can be controlled easily and precisely by remote control.
    • Roof awning with LED lights

      The extremely lightweight and elegant Thule Omnistor 6300 folding awning with integrated LED lighting offers optimum protection from sun and rain. It can be mounted on the roof curve to save space without widening the caravan.
    • The bike comes along

      To ensure that you are always flexible at your destination, the sturdy Thule Caravan Superb drawbar bike carrier carries two bikes or e-bikes up to a total weight of 50 kg. The carrier can simply be folded away for access to the front storage space.
    • 3-burner hob – perfect for the hobby chef

      The user-friendly and easy-to-clean 3-burner hob can also be used to conjure up more elaborate menus in your caravan’s kitchen. The glass lid acts as a flame guard in the kitchen when raised.
    • Everything in its place

      The integrated waste bin blends discreetly into the design of the entrance door and is always easily accessible from both inside and outside.
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    • Touring package Rockabilly

      • Side walls, front and rear in smooth sheet metal, color White-Red
      • Mosquito net door (entire door height), user-friendly thanks to lateral guidance
      • 30 l fresh water tank with level indicator
      • External storage flap, 80 x 35 cm, RH side, rear
      • 2 additional reading lights in the rear
      • 2 utensil bags
      • Stone guard protection
      • Sink cover with chopping board
      • High-pile carpet "Rockabilly"
      • 4 pillows
      • Bedspread
      • Fabric combination: Rockabilly in American Diner leather look with high back cushions and additional cushions for bed construction
      • Furniture finish: Grand Oak
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    • HYMER - Sample furniture wood decor in Grand Oak

      Furniture finish: Grand Oak

    • Fabric combination: Rockabilly in American Diner leather look with high back cushions and additional cushions for bed construction

    • High-pile carpet "Rockabilly"

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    • 12-month extended new-vehicle warranty for caravans

    • 24-month extended new-vehicle warranty for caravans

    • 36-month extended new-vehicle warranty for caravans

    • ERIBA keyring "ERIBA Touring"

      The elegant ERIBA Touring keyring is a real eye-catcher thanks to the combination of vehicle emblem and Touring lettering.
    • ERIBA umbrella

      The ERIBA umbrella has a stable fibreglass frame (under 500 g). An EVA hard foam handle ensures that your hands are always dry and a polyamide safety slider prevents your fingers from getting caught.
    • ERIBA Enamel Mug "Caravan since 1957"

      The ideal camping mug for people who travel a lot or just want to spice up their cupboard in a stylish way. The enamel cup is ideal for coffee, tea or soup.
    • ERIBA Cap

      The ERIBA cap in modern grey is the perfect accessory for every ERIBA fan! The cap is size-adjustable and fits perfectly to any head shape. It has a hexagonal design for optimal wearing comfort and the six embroidered air holes ensure improved breathability.
    • ERIBA drawbar cover

      The new ERIBA drawbar cover is made of high-quality and weather-resistant tarpaulin material. It is secured to the drawbar by using an expander. Protect the sensitive areas of your caravan drawbar from all kinds of weather.
    • Snooze package Decor Migratory Birds

      This high-quality snooze package contains everything needed to dream. You receive premium goods at an advantageous rate. The high-quality set is color-matching to the design of the ERIBA vehicles.
    • Slumber package in Flora decor

      This high-quality slumber set contains everything you need to dream. Receive premium products at a special price right here. The high-quality set is in a matching color to the design of the HYMER and ERIBA vehicles.
    • Sun roof

      The ERIBA Touring sun canopy fits all Touring Troll and Feeling models. With a depth of 300 cm, it offers more shade and of course more living space when used with front and side elements (available separately).
    • Kinderbett

      The ERIBA Touring cot allows you to create an additional sleeping space in no time at all. The assembly is done in a few seconds.
    • Winter cover

      The new winter protection cover, specially developed for the 500 series of the ERIBA Touring, fits perfectly and can be fitted in just a few minutes.
    • Pop-top roof insulation

      The 2-piece set for all ERIBA Touring models of the 500 series is clipped from the inside in front of the awning fabric of the pop-up roof on the previously attached magnetic lower parts. This means that the pop-up roof can be set up and used without any problems even in cold weather.
    • Wäschespinne Heck

      The rotary clothes dryer, specially developed for the new ERIBA, fits perfectly on the rear grab handle. It comes with a Leifheit high-quality blue clothesline that is UV-stable and weatherproof.
    • E-Connect base unit incl. E-Level and E-Volt

      The E-Connect is the heart of the E-Connect system. With the help of the user-friendly E-Trailer app, you can conveniently access the most important data regarding your motorhome or caravan. The two modules "E-Level" and "E-Volt" are also included in the scope of delivery.
    • Extension module E-Temperature

      With the "E-Temperature" module, you can monitor the temperature and humidity in your fridge at any time and react accordingly. Important: To be able to use the E-Temperature feature, you must also install the E-Connect basic package on the vehicle.
    • Extension module E-Switch (2 units)

      With the "E-Switch" module, you can easily check whether windows, doors or roof hatches are still open. Important: To be able to use the E_Switch feature, you must also install the E-Connect basic package on the vehicle.
    • Extension module E-Pressure

      With the "E-Pressure" module, you can keep an eye on the current tire pressure and temperature even while driving. Important: To be able to use the E-Pressure feature, you must also install the E-Connect basic package on the vehicle.
    • HYMER water filter clearliQ travel

      The HYMER clearliQ travel water filter powered by Grünbeck reliably filters bacteria and coarse dirt from tap water. It also removes unpleasant odours/taste and discoloration - all this with very low pressure loss.
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