ERIBA Connect App
A whole ERIBA in your hand.

You have never been so connected to your camper van. The ERIBA Connect app offers the innovative connectivity solution of tomorrow with numerous practical features. For significantly more comfort and safety and fewer worries on your vacation with the ERIBA Car.

You can find the ERIBA Connect app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Leading the way.

ERIBA Connect is an innovative, digital ecosystem that makes your ERIBA Car even smarter. Both access to vehicle information and control of individual living space components are very easy - convenient and intuitive via app. No matter whether you want to call up mileage, electricity and water levels, or adjust the lighting mood, living room temperature or many other settings - it's now in your hands. At any time.

The most important highlights of the HYMER Connect App

    • The first smart ecosystem for the connected mobile home

    • Convenient control of the living area lighting, heater, air conditioning and satellite system via the app

  • Standard information such as water tank levels and battery status

  • Chassis information such as location, mileage and service intervals

  • Communication with the app via Bluetooth or your mobile phone network

  • Intelligent checklists and security features

Morning routine or evening ritual?

Your vacation will now be even more comfortable.

The ERIBA Connect app has pre-installed scenarios, which you can of course also configure individually. This means your ERIBA Car always creates the feel-good atmosphere you want at the right time. Be it when you come home from an outdoor adventure and are looking forward to cozy warmth or you want to wake up gently in the morning with the right lighting mood.

You can also set up your scenarios so that all commands are executed automatically at a specific time. Your ERIBA knows what to do: e.g. B. the light turns on, the heating is activated and the satellite antenna is extended.

From the powder snow to the warm ERIBA.

After a strenuous climb, you are at the top of the mountain and ready for a fantastic deep snow descent. Before you start having fun with your touring skis, take a moment to pick up your smartphone and activate the appropriate scenario with one click. At the foot of the mountain, your ERIBA Car brings the interior to your comfortable temperature, heats the shower water and ensures a warm welcome at the end of the descent with the right lighting atmosphere.

Refreshment guaranteed.

What could be nicer than spending the day on the beach and enjoying the sun. But at some point you have to pack up. It's a good thing that you can turn on the air conditioning and cool down the refrigerator in advance using the app. Not only do you have pleasant temperatures in your ERIBA car, but your sundowner is also perfectly cooled.

Vacation at your own pace.

Your ERIBA Car supports your natural bio-rhythm. Simply set what lighting mood you want in the morning, evening or any other time of day. The ERIBA Car then automatically ensures the brightness and colour temperature you require.
Whether you want to get up early and wake up with bright, white light or want to wind down in the evening with warm, yellowish light - you can easily program your individual lighting mood using the app.

Everything in order

Whether you just want to quickly check the tank level or fresh water reserve from your sofa before the start of your trip, or the app reminds you to unplug the power cable, close all windows or retract the awning before departure - with the ERIBA Connect app you have everything in view at all times.
The app also supports you with practical checklists for activities that you are doing for the first time or only rarely. Very simply, step by step, the app accompanies you throughout the day.


It’s about time you got your own set of wheels.

When you're on holiday, simply decide spontaneously and live day by day - the ERIBA Car is the perfect companion for this. Thanks to practical detailed solutions and a homely interior, you will feel comfortable wherever you are and, on top of that, you can quickly get on the road to new experiences at any time. With the camper van from the pioneer of caravanning.